75 x 75 Mesh


3.4mm Galv


50 x 100 Mesh


4.0mm Galfan


50 x 100 Mesh


4.0mm Galfan


75 x 75 Mesh


4.5mm Al-Ten


50 x 50 Mesh


4.0mm Al-Ten


50 x 100 Mesh


4.5mm Al-Ten



Simple Gabions for all Application


Our welded mesh Gabion Cages are used for creative landscaping and retaining gabion walls in private and public outdoor areas. Single level and Multilevel retaining wall, outdoor furniture, Feature wall. Wider applications include the stabilization of erosion and earth movement, reservoirs, and river flow control.



Top Quality - Easy installation


All of Gabion Canada baskets are made of High Gauge, Welded Mesh and Galvanized or Galfan coated steel. Gabion baskets are of superior quality and strength than the traditional type, they are fast and simple to install and do not need tensioning and keep their shape, also easy to fit against a wall.



Order Online - Fast Delivery


We are located in Sharon, Ontario. We deliver our product Canada-Wide through utilizing reputable and cost-effective freight carriers ( UPS, Purolator, Canpar... ) From satchels to pallets, orders will be fulfilled and dispatched promptly. It's normally dispatched within 24 hours, depending on the delivery location freight services are 1-5 days.




For Installation 


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How To Make Order

Choose Your Gabion

Size up the gabion basket

 package that best suit your project

Send Your Request

Tell us about the size, order quantity, and the delivery address by Email

Make The Payment

A quotation will email back to you include the cost of shipping, check the invoice details, and make the payment


It's normally dispatched within 24 hours. Depending on the delivery location freight services are 1-5  business days.


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23 Bales Dr. W, Sharon, ON L0G 1V0

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TEL: 289-579-9922

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